We are a small company with four employees creating since 1989. It is very hard to compete with competition who uses cheap industrial components. But with fare amount of enthusiasm, handcraft skills, joy and pride we manage it. We make hand forged railings, doors, pavilions, cemetery crosses, furniture, window grids, sculptures,…

Art blacksmithing is a traditional profession with no room for modern machinery. In my shop we stick to that rule as much as possible. We use power hammers for forging bigger pieces of steel. But they would be useless without physical effort and hand skills. All the pieces are finalized by hand, with help of fire, hammer and anvil. They are also assembled in traditional blacksmith way – by riveting.

We forge all the components ourselves and use traditional methods for assembly (riveting,…). All the products that are installed outside are galvanized and painted with special paint, so you can enjoy them for decades without maintenance.

All the products are created using our own ideas and plans. We also cooperate with architects.


Bruno Kalčič

First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Bruno Kalčič, born in 1967 in a city that people say is the hometown of steel. Like most local guys I decided that I’ll earn my living working with metal, so I finished my education for a blacksmith. Even as a young apprentice I tried to create something unusual and out of the context, but the difference between Industrial blacksmithing and ironmongery was just too big. So I figured I need a good teacher to create top products. Not all the good master blacksmiths were willing to share their knowledge but I was very fortunate and found a great blacksmith in Tirol (A) who was willing to teach me.

Gregor Mandeljc

Finished school for tourism, blacksmith, among others his hobby is forging sculptures

Dušan Kalčič

Finished school for locksmith, blacksmith, in charge for good atmosphere in the workshop